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There are more than 8000 Montessori schools in the United States, around 600 in the UK and about 20,000 worldwide.

The Montessori preschool curriculum is used in a large number of preschools and early childhood centers all over the world.

The Maria Montessori Method

There are many different methods and philosophies in Early Childhood Education, but one method –The Maria Montessori Method – has attracted a significant following as it has developed over the past 110 years.

Facts & Benefits of Montessori Education

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Updating Montessori Links

As we post information on Lil’Kidz Early Childhood Education related to Montessori, we will continue to update this page with our links and links to other sites with relevant Montessori news, guidance, reviews and general information.

Montessori Community

If you have a contribution to make or wish to publicize a Montessori site or event, please leave a comment on our posts and we will be happy to feature your contribution on our Lil’Kidz Early Childhood Education blog.

Montessori Preschool Materials

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For a fantastic online store of Montessori Preschool Materials


Montessori Infographics

A great selection of excellent infographics related to Montessori Education can be found here>>>>


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Montessori At Home

Published Feb 10 2015

As well as Montessori schools and trained Montessori teachers, there is a very large group of parents of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers who embrace the ideas and methods of Maria Montessori in raising their children. READ MORE…..

montessori method

The Montessori Method

Published Feb 13 2015

The infographic – “Education Through Natural Learning : The Montessori Method” provides an excellent overview and interesting facts about Montessori education.

There is a really nice video at the bottom of the post.READ MORE…..

Perhaps you might like to watch the video here ↓

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Montessori Video Playlists

Published March 4 2015

The Montessori Preschool Materials You Tube channel has some great playlists of related Montessori videos. READ MORE…..


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Sites With Free Montessori Downloads

Published March 5 2015

Following is a listing of sites with free Montessori downloads.


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